Your Burning Questions Answered

We have a super cool system called zenplanner we use.  Once you create a profile you put a card on file and it will sync to your membership.  We offer a free fat loss supplement package if you use your ACH debit account.  All those credit card fees add up!

Anytime!  We actually have a referral program where if you bring a friend in and they sign up you get 1 point.  once you get 5 points you get 1 month free.  Send them to our site and have them sign up for their first free Class.

our programs take a lot of coaching and as you invest in yourself with us, we also invest in teaching you, so we require 3 months max if you join our program. if you wanted to cancel you give us 30 days notice before your next 3 month block and your good to go!

Our core offers are semi private training and group training.  We offer a wide array of choices for those because everyones‘ lifestyles and goals are different.  We have drop in punch cards and open gym memberships available as well. Email [email protected] if you want more details!

You have the option of making up a session for the allotted time in your contract.  we give everyone optimal time to get that session in.  If it doesn’t workout we will write you out an awesome workout with your weights and you can crush it.

We don’t do crossfit.  We do a lot of basic movements with many different variations.  We pride ourselves on not being gimmicky or the next flavor of working out.  Just good old fashion strength training and short/hard cardio workouts.  You know the things that have always worked for decades before technology.

You can either take that week off from working with a coach or you can purchase an extra session for that month on the zen planner app.  We price our memberships on 4 week blocks and there is an extra month every year.  It usually works out due to travel, weather, holidays, etc.

Hard to say as we sell much more than sessions.  Thats a small part of what we do.  We offer nutritional guidance, write personalized workouts, provide open gym access, create cardio classes, and much more.  You are investing in much more than just workouts each week.